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Allnighter with Djane Petra

V petek 26.8. z nami Djane Petra z groovy beati minimal techna.

Pridružite se nam še zadnji avgustovski vikend, in pazite na hidracijo!

Več o Petri:

Petra started djing in 2007 and has a variety of dj gigs behind her. She has already played in Ljubljana’s famous underground club K4, Ljubljana’s biggest club Inbox and Inmusic festival which takes place every year in Zagreb, Croatia. She was resident in Ljubljana’s club Tiffany from 2009 till 2011, located in Metelkova mesto and the finalist of SYLD 2011 competition. Also she is colaborating with Homegrown crew, a group of dj’s, producers and party throwers from Slovenska Bistrica, the city in which she grew up in. With them she played in Soft club, one of the most, if not the most underground scene she has ever been too. They also throw parties in the local McMiš. This year in July they managed to pull trough the first open air party in the center of Slovenska Bistrica that wasn’t prematurely ended by the police. The party took place in the yard before Ključek bar and she was rocking it.
Petra’s music has a minimalistic sound, packed up with groovy beats that make you never wanna leave the dancefloor. Jumpy minimal techno is what she is striving for and what she is sharing with the crowd when she is playing. She is also working on music production with J De from Homegrown crew, and is hoping that she will soon share some of her own sounds with you. The next season will also be very busy on the party area, because Homegrown crew has a lot of new parties planned, so keep yor eyes and ears open and come to dance.


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