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New season opening / 711 / All Night Long

V petek 2.9.2011 pričenjamo z novo sezono zabav v klubu Monokel s prav posebnima gostjama – 711.

711 (Coalition, Tainted Buddah, Noise Planet, Messerheld, Incense, Trackord)

“It’s music and there should be no rules when it comes to expressing thoughts and emotions through music and arts in general.”

711 is a female techno act from Slovenia that is raising more and more eyebrows on the underground music scene with their performances as well as artist productions. Alja is more experienced of two girls and a known figure on alternative scene, which she also develops for more than a decade as an editor in chief of Adrenaline magazine and web community – a popular meeting point for people who are into alternative sports, culture and lifestyle. Her sidekick Ursha on the other hand is part a DJ, MC, producer and designer, with the background in the hip hop scene, and the one who brings into the project fresh energy that most of established artists are so eagerly looking for. To sum it up: girls are well situated on the alternative scene, have versatile interests, but it’s the energy of techno that brought them together.



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