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Alphawave Night

PETEK 23.9.

LUKE MARCUS (Alphawave)


Denis Lederhas (aka Dj Immortal Tune) first got in touch with electronic music as a teenager in the golden years of Techno. Then it was just a matter of time, when electronic music became the center of his everyday life. After his first mesmerizing moments behind the turntables, he became more and more interested in House music for which he says is the music for your soul. He mostly played funky and latin house spiced with saxophone and female vocals. He got his inspirations from a wide range of lounge and funk music.

After almost a decade, time has left his mark, and he became more interested in new technologies. As a student of electrotechnics (industrial engineering), he had a true insight in how the logic of new technologies works and how to use it in a way beyondthe turntable. With his knowledge he slowly developed his unique style, that challenges various foundations of djing, that were solid for decades. He represents himself on various events under the name „Immortal Tune“, a name behind which is a melodical theme, to build new foundations of electronic music.


Luke Marcus is the leader of Alphawave team, which is responsible for a bunch of electronic music events in Maribor that are filled with quality music. Electronic music is his passion and for over a decade he is always moving the crowd with dinamic techno sets that takes them on an energetic music jurney. Besides organization and spinning music, he also finds himself very comfortable in the studio. He is experimenting with a big variety of music styles, from chill out to tough and solid techno. He is also working on some experimental music projects that are exploring new sound, technologies and techniques of producing.


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