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JUNEsHELEN (live + after)

Petek v klubu Monokel
s koncertom
// electronic // vocal // experimental //

JUNEsHELEN was called into life in the year 2011.
Touching and exploring the genres from electronic & experimental music, combined with her vocals, JUNEsHELEN is on a constant journey of seeking undiscovered sounds, voices, emotions & depths, that are hidden in her own soul.
For the love of music and the dancing, she is occasionally thrown into the dj-ing world, which is making her rapidly addicted and eager to learn more about it.


After hours: House-Minimal-Techno-Goa-Dub


0 eur < 24h > 3 eur / Flyer/Letak
3 eur < 24h > 5 eur / No Flyer/Brez letaka