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A Night To Remember (ME.N.U. & Architech)

petek, 22.2.

K nam tokrat prihaja virtuoz amsterdamske underground scene ME.N.U. ter odlični Architech, ki se bosta združila v večeru polnem minimal techa, techna, tech-housa ter ostalih poslastic elektronskega podzemlja.

*** ME.N.U. *** (MORGEN AM, Amsterdam)

Angleški bio:
The Macedonian DJ/Producer Marko Nikolovski, aka ME.N.U., starts seriously following his musical passions and desires right after finishing his studies in Amsterdam. In very short time, after wining the Amsterdam Festival for best Producer/DJ he succeeds to focus the spotlight on himself with his unique, energetic style inspired from the Amsterdam underground techno scene. The turning point of his career was his debut at the legendary Awakenings festival for NYE. Playing alongside his idols, he proved he was already one of them. He is the kind of DJ that makes the audience ask: Who the hell is this guy? Being one of the only DJ’s in the world with a Bachelor of Science proves that musical talent is not the only thing in his beat arsenal.
His musical profile is assembled from the technology of Richie Hawtin, the production of Reboot and the harmony of Luciano – the “tesserae” of his Music Mosaic (or, as he likes to call it, Musaic). Dominating styles in his sets are the melodic minimal techno, tech house and techno which leave the moovin’ crowd without no choice but to cheer and wait anxiously for the next encounter. Simply put in his words: “I don’t play music that does not make me dance! I play music that’s funky, dynamic and that creates intense atmosphere!”
His sets are as unique as they are surprising. Playing 2-3 decks at a time, he combines random samples of his current and past inspirations and influences.
In the summer of 2011 he joins the newly developed electronic music collective from Amsterdam (morgen.am) that shines after midnight. Their label night parties have become an immediate success in the underground scene in Amsterdam.

His production needs no explaining. Shut up and listen.


Sticky Green

*** ARCHITECH *** (Freelance, Makedonija)

0 < 00:00 > 3 Eur (z letakom/flyer)
3 < 00:00 > 5 Eur (brez letaka/no flyer)