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Petek 13 / Rydel / Snupee BD

petek, 13.9.

Ta petek z nami

** RYDEL **
(Neptuun City, Hotfingers)

In a career spanning well over a decade, Rydel has experience with almost every style of electronic dance music. His outstanding mixing skills impress even the most demanding audience and he always delivers sets tuned to the maximum enjoyment of the people in front of him.
Playing in more than 10 different countries around the world including Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Colombia, Poland, the Netherlands and Norway, he has shared the stage with DJ’s like Tiësto, Ian Carey, Redhead, Misjah, Cave, Space DJz, Filterheadz and played on international festivals with artists like Moby, Massive Attack, N.E.R.D., Kraftwerk and many others.
Being an active producer as well, Rydel is getting strong support from some of the major players in the scene. While continuing to release on several international labels he’s now primarily situated at Neptuun City and SubCult, where he is free to expand his experience in the music industry beyond the range of just DJ and artist.
His productions have been supported by PHNTM, Umek, Chris Lake, Pedro Delgardo, Bryan Cox, Thermo, Eddie Halliwell, David Moleon, Christian Cambas, Andy Moor, Boriqua Tribez, Sergio Fernandez, Hertz, Stonebridge, Reaky, Beltek, Fer BR, Dataminions, Alexey Kotlyar, Beatacue, Raul Mezcolanza, Paulo Tella and Mike Humphries, amongst others.


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